I was formed at the ArtScience department of the KABK in The Netherlands, where I developed my passion for merging science and art through perception. I love experimenting with physical phenomena, vibration, electromagnetic waves or chemical molecules, that we decode as sound, light or smells, and transforming them to create multi-sensory immersive experiences.

With a particular interest in the proximity senses (smell, taste and touch), nowadays I concentrate my research on the synesthetic connections between sound and smell. Searching ways to broaden the margins of our senses, I use digital tools combined with DIY perfumery, exploring materials or messing around in the Fab-Lab.

My work materialises in installations and performances that have been presented at festivals like Sonic Acts (NL), WRO Media-Art Biennale (PL), Kontraste (AU), STRP (NL), SPARK (USA), Todays Art (NL), ISEA (ES), Ars Electronica (AT) etc.

I am member of the iii collective from its inception in 2013. iii is an artist-run platform supporting radical interdisciplinary practices engaging with image, sound, space and the body.

Foto: Javier JaƩn