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Artificial Ecosystem

(2024) Artificial Ecosystem, an installation that presents a narrative about climate change in an olfactory way. It intends to relate to the information from a different approach, trying to activate empathetic responses.

The work presents an interpretation of three ecosystems, terrestrial, aquatic and urban, each one carrying a smell that defines it. Next to them are bottles containing that smell to which different substances such as fuel, waste or ammonia have been added. They are substances that human beings emit without care for the environment, promoted by extractivist politics and that increase the evolution of climate change.

The public is invited to open the bottles, smell the inside and compare it with the smell that falls drop by drop into the ecosystem. They can also hear how the sound changes dynamically, as the composition of the air in the room varies, depending on the amount of gases, the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure of the place.

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