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  • Artificial Ecosystem

    Artificial Ecosystem

    >> Projects MULTISENSORY Artificial Ecosystem (2024) Artificial Ecosystem, an installation that presents a narrative about climate change in an olfactory way. It intends to relate to the information from a different approach, trying to activate empathetic responses. The work presents an interpretation of three ecosystems, terrestrial, aquatic and urban, each one carrying a smell that defines […]

  • Cymatics


    >> HOME >>WORKSHOPS Cymatics Punto y Raya Junior @ MNACTEC Museum Terrassa (ES) Arragua Art Space, Lekeitio (ES)

  • Talks


    >>HOME >>WORKSHOPS Talks ME_MMIX ⋅ Festival de Música electrónica, Música Mixta i  Videoprojección   TALK BAU ⋅ Centro universitario de artes y diseño  de Barcelona   BIONICA 1.0 ⋅ Women, Art, Technology and Society.    ERAM ⋅ Centro universitario de artes y diseño  de Girona   NCCA ⋅ Centro National de Arte Contemporáneo, Nizhnii Novgorod (RU)

  • Creation of multisensory experiences

    Creation of multisensory experiences

    >> HOME >>WORKSHOPS Creation of multisensory experiences   Arragua Art Space, Lekeitio (ES) Fiber Festival, Amsterdam (NL) TPK Art Centre, Hospitalet de Llobregat (ES) Phonos Fooundation, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelon (ES) Hangar Art Centre, Barcelona (ES) ERAM University, Girona (ES) Leon University, La Bañeza (ES) Fine Ars department, Pontevedra University, Pontevedra (ES)  

  • Other


    >>HOME OTHER AV shows  Feedback Study #4 (2013) Light show for the composition FS#4 by Ángel Faraldo, acoustic sound and Video feedback (digital) manipulations. Dislocated Frames (2010) Audio-visual performance icw Ángel Faraldo (composition, sound diffusion) Il Voto dell’Innocenza (2015) Live visuals for the composition by Emre Kaleli and Modelo62 enesemble »Watch here Misc El Humo Visual effects for […]

  • Cymating


    >> Projects MULTISENSORY Cymating (2011) performance where ordinarily invisible sonic vibrations encounter with light and manifest projected in every direction coming from the surface of sonically vibrating water.

  • murmur


    >> Projects MULTISENSORY murmur In collaboration with Mariska de Groot. (2012) An infinite morphing loop from sound to light and inversely. In a whisper of waves traveling through the elements, ‘murmur’ is transformed by human presence.  >>Watch here ‘murmur ~ singing’ (2013) We developed our previous installation into a performance where we use feedback between light and […]

  • ~.Kulunka.~


    >> Projects MULTISENSORY ~.Kulunka.~ (2012) An installation that besides hearing, evokes unusual ways of perceiving vibrations: seeing and being touched by them. Sound waves are projected on the ceiling, while the spectator is embraced in a tactile sonic experience laying down in a vibrating panel.   Co-produced by Sonic Acts/Kontraste.>>Watch here

  • ~.Submerged.~


    >> Projects MULTISENSORY ~.Submerged.~ (2013-15) An installation and performance to be submerged in a liquid universe of underwater sounds looking at three-dimensional sound waves floating in space with the use of 3D glasses, to dive into an ocean of sensual stimuli.  ~~Submerged~~>>Watch here Its version for Sphœrœ (2015) counts with an olfactory landscape instead of its tactile sonic element. […]

  • Transitory Presences

    Transitory Presences

    >> Projects MULTISENSORY Transitory Presences (2014-16) A volatile encounter between sound, scent and ephemeral silhouettes, where aromatic smoke dances revealing the rhythms of the incoming sound. Transitory Presences is a project with various forms and sometimes in collaboration with other sound artists.   TP#2 Cinematic performance >>Watch here TP #03 Performative environment >>Watch here TP#03 icw Lars […]